The national Malaya & Borneo Logo
The national Malaya & Borneo Logo

History of the NMBVA association UK

Our history

The National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association was founded on the 1st June 1994 in Nottingham. The concept of forming the Association started in late 1992 as a direct result of a group of veterans getting together on returning from a re-union in Malaysia.

A campaign was started to obtain an award in the form of a medal for those who saw service during the Malayan Emergency, the Borneo / Indonesian Confrontation and the Japanese Occupation of Malaya and Singapore.
The medal campaign set them on the path to forming the Association.

The Association Motto is Bono Animo Este (be of good courage).

The Association Emblem – The Royal Crown, depicting our loyalty to H.M. The Queen and respective countries – The flags of the Union and Malaysia side by side.

The Association colours represent the Royal Navy, The Army, The Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force. An association of men and women sharing a common bond through their Military Service.

The organisation has spread worldwide with Branches and Affiliations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji, Singapore and USA. The total number of members in the UK is in excess of 400.