I have no idea why but Paddy thinks I should have my photo on the website and also a bit about myself, well who am I to argue with him.  If it wasn't for his input there would not be the information there is.  So I won't argue. As a thank you to Paddy for his input I will oblige.

I will start with how I came to be webmaster.  For a few years it had been said that the Association needed to keep up with the times and have it's own website.  Good idea!!!! There were a few members who said that they would have a go or knew someone who could produce one, but nothing ever materialised  So one day my dear husband Fred was talking and saying how he could never get me off the computer, and the next thing you know I have the job.  Never having done anything like it before, and not one for letting anything beat me, I scanned the internet looking at the type of thing I need to produce and set about producing something that was easy to navigate and held all the information needed to to promote the Association.  Not sure if I have succeeded but have tried my best.  There is still a lot of work that needs doing on the site but it I will get there one day.



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