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Please e-mail me if you would like an entry put on this page.






I was in the REME served in Malaya 1955- 1957 and then Northern Ireland 1957 – 1958, interested in make contact with anyone who was based at 12inf wks. Ipoh  and the 15/19th Hussars.

We have a found a few colleagues from those days and would like to make contact  with more, a few of us go to The Merdeka Carnival, Malaysia’s National Day Celebration, it’s a lovely day meeting Malay people again, the Ambassador welcomed us, everyone who served in Malaysia is welcome.

I did a short video of last year’s carnival

Hope to hear from some of you.

Graham Barton

01666 510661



Hi Annie
Maybe you could add this to your webpage on lost contacts successes,  About seven years ago you helped me find a old friend from 11 Indep field Sqn RE Peter Keddie and others with your site, this gave me encouragement to look for more old friends and I decided to try and organize a reunion well this year 2011 in May I am organizing our fourth reunion and we have 75 old comrades coming along and with the ladies 139, some are coming from Australia, Canada, Spain, and Germany.
But in total we are in touch with 158 men and every month find more.
And most will be proudly wearing the PJM with their medals and I put that down to the help of the NMBVA.
Thank you Annie and the NMBVA for all the help you have given me.
Richard (Nobby) Clarke


Nobby Clarke meets up with a old friend Alan (Sticks) Hill after 48 years.


I was wondering what happen to my mate Peter Clark i last saw him Feb 57,By chance my daughter was on the net and she was going through my army info and came across Pete name, after searching for a while managed to contract him through his wife in 2008 we have met up several time since and we are in regular contract by phone.
 It as taken 51 years but it as been worth it.
    Brian [ Alias Charlie] Grose


I have  just been browsing the web site and came across your web page. I understand you are interested in successful stories of reunions and people finding each other.
We were all stationed in Singapore with 4 coy WRAC at Tanglin from 1965 to 1967. We have been successful in contacting several of our friends who were stationed in Singapore at the same time.
We have a yearly reunion dinner in October and last year a few of us made the trip back to Singapore to visit our old barracks and go down memory lane. We all got very emotional when we saw our old barracks. Today it is derelict and guarded. Do you remember the Phoenix NAAFI club on Tanglin Camp.
Our names are Sally Lowman, Lesley Annable, Dawn Potter, Oillie Gerrard, Toots, Nell Thompson. At the time we used to go about with guys from 95 Commando.
We remember Singapore with very fond memories. When we returned last year we couldnt believe how Singapore had changed even Boogie Street!! 


Dear Annie
My wife and I have this weekend been up to Yorkshire to meet Pete Keddie and his wife. Pete I had not seen for Forty-Four years he was Radio Operator in the same section as myself in 11 Ind Field Sqn RE, this was only achieved with your help and the first class web you run.
It goes without saying we had a great time and talked long into the night with the help of some Tiger Beer ! 
We are to meet again in October at the 11 Sqn reunion in Bath and also meet up with the other old friends that you have put us in touch with.
Many many thanks
Richard (Nobby) Clarke


Reg finds Ronnie after 46 years

This could be your story.


Forces Reunited


Hi my dad is searching for any of his Army Troop or any information of their whereabouts. He served in the British Army from 1950 - 1955. Did basic training in Barnard Castle and then went onto Bovington Dorset. He was posted to Malaya in April 1950 and was in the 4th Hussars. In  1950 he was ambushed escorting the Bishop of York. Sgt. Todd got shot in the neck. He was in GMC at the time. Can anyone remember this? He was stationed in Taiping from 1950-1952 his Army number is 22522149 Trooper A (Pat) Kavanagh. He can remember J Cook, Taffe Whatmore. LCPL  Hiscock , TPR Finbow & TPR Atkins. Dad was transferred to the 12 Lancers in 1951.

 Many thanks Carol Bowers Daughter of Pat Kavanagh.


Have just found your page and find it very interesting would love to hear from a mate or 2 ,who served in Malaya 1950, l was a national service man joined April/May 1949 done my basic training plus jungle training at meanee barracks in Colchester, we left Liverpool on the SS Orbita Dec 1949,bound for Singapore, spent Xmas eve 1949 in Aden did a visit to Crater town, cant remember what day we reached Singapore it was roughly a 7 week voyage, we were then sent to Sungei Besi tothe camp right up above the tin mine, we were there a few months then we went to Kajang until we were sent down to Johore a place called Labis. then we got a rest period and were taken  on to Penang Island for 2 months. We then returned to Kuala Lumper to Wardiburn Camp. (along e-mail but would help some one to recognise me) my name is Ronald Thompson (known as Ronnie) service no 22144920 was attached to the Dog company of the Suffolk Regt. After our tour of duty we returned to England by the M.V Empire Halledale. Am asking any one of the lads recognise  all this as familar please contact me on my e-mail thompsonronnie00at g-mail .com  one lad looking for in particular is Alex Marsh last l heard of him he went to Australia, thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely Ronnie


Have just found your page and find it very interesting, would love to hear from a mate or 2, who served in Malaya 1950. I  was a national serviceman joined up April/May 1949 done my basic training plus jungle training at Meanee barracks in Colchester.We left Liverpool on the SS Orbita Dec 1949, bound for Singapore,spent Xmas eve 1949 in Aden, did a visit to Cratertown. Can’t remember what date we reached Singapore it was roughly a 7 week voyage. We were then sent to Sungei Besi  to the camp right above the tin mine, we were there a few months, then we went to Kajang until we were sent down to Jahore Baru ,to a place named Labis. Then we got a rest period, and were taken on to Penang Island for 2 months. We then returned to Kuala Lumper to Wardiburn Camp. My name is Ronald Thompson (known as Ronnie) service no 22144920 was attached  (D) Dog  company of the Suffolk Regt. After our tour of duty we returned to England on the MV Empire Hallidale. If anyone recognises  any of the above or my name l would love to hear from them.

 My e-mail address is :-

 One man in particular l would love to hear from is Alex Marsh, last l heard of him he had emigrated to Australia.

 I hope there is someone out there who remembers me,

 Thanking you

 Looking forward to hearing from a fellow soldier


Ronald thompson


Hello    I am Alan Radford and I served with 410 Plant Tp in Malaya     I would love to contact any ex members of that ute   Florry Ford commanded it at that time.   My address is   alan     Hope to hear    Alan Radford



139 supply platoon 1963 Labaun island Borneo

I am , looking for any one who served in 139 supply platoon RASC part of 48 Supply company from Bulford Camp wilts . We were sent out to Borneo .

We had so many days in Singapore then out to Borneo on to Labaun island.

I was a  L/Cpl Keith Price  some of the men whose names I remember are 

Tex Dave Butcher George Clark  Jim Deering  Pete  Doug  Dave Roper Taff Foley Joe Bevan 

And many  our CO was Captain Williams.

My email is



My Name is Douglas  Millward Known as  Brummie I served in Singapore with the Port Squadron Stationed at Gilman Barracks in 1965 Also went to Borneo and Labuan with the RPLS Landing Craft

I am trying to Find any Army  Lads served out there when we changed over in Singapore from Royal Engineers to The Royal Corps of Transport

I would like anyone with any information to get in touch my email address is




Hi there if you can help my dad is looking to contact old mates who where in Malaya in the war in the late 1950's he was in the dog section His name is Ron Gregory thank you contact details 01623 844831 ask for Ann




Are there still any ex 5 Platoon, B Company, Royal Lincolnshire Regt, Malaya 1955-56, out there.

Alan (Smudge) Smith

 I served during above dates with 10 Infantry Workshop, REME, Johore Bahru and latterly when the unit moved to Bukit Timah Road Singapore. I was a signwriter and during the Johore period (probably 1960) I completed a large sign for the Jungle Warfare School (Kluang?). The Ghurkha officer  who was in charge of the group who came to collect the signboard was so pleased with the work that he removed his cap badge and gave it to me. Of course some years later I lost the badge when moving house and I would like to replace it. Can anyone tell me what Ghurkha unit or Battalion would the officer have been in, and serving with the Jungle Warfare School at that time.
David McNeice



 My dad served with The Royal Suffolk Regiment in Malaya in 1952.
 He was doing his National Service.
 My dad died in 1978, aged 46. Unfortunately he never spoke very much about his time there, and so i know very little really.
 I wonder whether any Veterans knew my Dad, his name was Robert George Waring... "Pongo" to his comrades apparently.
 If you know of anyone who may have known him, or you get any contact/info about him, then I would appreciate any contact or information.
 Yours sincerely,

Steve Waring



Find a war veteran serving at camp Pang Amo, Sarawak during Malaysian Indonesian Confrontation. His No. is CN/AA0342; MMS 1959




My dad, Earle Fox (Eddie) served in Malaya with 42 Commando Royal Marines 1950 - 1953. He would like to hear from anyone who remembers him (also from 42's previous posting in Hong Kong) - please contact me and I will pass on your messages.

Derek Fox



 All you guys in and around Halifax area I'm looking for any info on the whereabouts of Ken Owen/s last known address 39 Whitegate Terrace Siddall in 1960 Ken served with me in 656 Sqdn Army Air Corp in K.L Malaya 57/60.  He is the last one of the gang I've to find so come on guys I'm relying on you for info. Must be some relations in the area.

Keith Roberts


Reginald George Albert Kearslake

I am writing this email to find out as much as I can about my Father who served in Malaya in 1957 with the Royal Army Medical Corp .

 I have my fathers military history upto 1961 when he left the army..

 I have a number of photo's of my father that were taken whilst he was in Malaya including such pictures of the Batu Caves for instance ..

 I am one of two sons and I have decided that I want to trace his footsteps and try and visit all the places that my father would have stayed at and in particular all of the the barracks were he would have been stationed  , therefore I would like as much information of the location of the barracks in Malaya and whether they are still there to be seen ?

I am visiting Malaysia for 14 days , starting on the 01/09 so I am compiling as much information as I can see before I fully plan my trip ..

 I am staying in Kuala Lumpur to visit Batu Caves plus other areas and then I will travel the rest of Malaysia including Penang hoping to find the places that my dad stayed ..

 My dad's trip to Malaya was shortened because his father became ill back in the UK and he  died prior to my father getting home via Singapore ..

 I would just like someone to be able to help me with my search and pinpoint the regions and the areas that he walked and served in , it will be emotional trip for me but one I feel that my deceased father is worthy of and his son is proud of what he achieved in his military service.

 Please help if you can on anything small or large ..

Kevin Kearslake



!st Dragoon Guards Malaya 1956-58

My Name is Bill Cook (Geordie) Looking for any Lads I served with in Malaya 1956-58 ,Stationed at Magedee Barracks Johor Baru I was in A Squadron 1st Dragoon Guards and was captain of the football team we won the cup for the Squadron.
I was a Saracen Driver apart from other trades and was attached to the so called sports section with Boxers etc., Travelled through the Suez canal on the good ship Dinera to Nee Soon Singapore.
Nice to here from other misfits Remember the red ants on sweeps and you will know what I mean?
Bill Cook


Still desperately trying to trace Tom and Dot Cooper (RAF Seletar) from 1962 era, and their son Melvin. They hailed from Yorkshire originally. Melvin would now be about 60 y/o. Any assistance or lead would be really appreciated.

Len Eaton (ex Aust Army Signals. I also had a lot to do with the two British Wolf Cub packs on Seletar at that time, any contacts from there also welcome. Len (Australia) mob 061 0400242077

I am trying to find a friend of mine, who served with me, from 1959 to 1964 both in Germany and Malaysia with the 1st Bn. KOYLI. I lost contact with him when I left the Bn. to go to the Depot as an Instructor. His name is Billy Northover Army No. 23707996, if anyone knows of him, please let me know.
John Malcolm Moore Ex KOYLI-KSLI/3LI

Whats wrong with all you matelows cant find anyone on the websites I have searched.?
I served on HMS Albion 1964/66 with 848 Squadron A Flight we got detached to Aden on our way out to Singapore.   Several months later we rejoined Albion in Singapore after a pleasant cruise on the RFA Sir Galahad.We were once again detached to RAF Labuan and then into the jungle at Bario whilst it was hard work they were good times.
At the time I was L.E.M.(AIR) MAYALL aka SPEEDY Be pleased to hear from anyone who I may have served with.  L.E.M.(Air) Mayall.  L/061677  aka  SPEEDY


I know that this is a long shot but my Father is now 95 and speaks more and more about his time in the Army during WWII. His name is Arthur Robert (Bob) Bridgeman, I know that he was in the 12th Lancers - 8th Army through North Africa, then Malta and up into Italy. He speaks fondly of an old mate who he only knows as 'Busty' Keene (not sure of the spelling). He believes that this chap ran a hotel in Devon after the war, but lost contact with him after that. If there are any old comrades out there who may remember him, I'd love to hear from them and I know he would too.
 Clive Bridgeman 


My father John MacKinnon, some times known as Jock or Mac very sadly passed away on the 10th August this year, and I would dearly love to find out as much as possible of his years in the Army particularly of his service in the far east as there is very little information or photographs.
He enlisted with the Army 4th Sept 1950 and served with 22 Signal Regiment.  His regimental number was 22295050.  He served in Singapore from 11 June 1957 to 18 June 1960 and then again from 15 May 1966 to 2 Nov 1968, he was also in Bahrain from 21 Jan 1969 to 12 Feb 1969.
He received the GSM of clasp 'Malaya' and I suspect that he served in the Malayan Emergency.  I also believe that he served with the Para's.  He had a great admiration and fondness of the Gurkha's and I believe that he worked a good deal with them. 
He was presented with a Kukris knife from 31 Sqn.G.T.R. so must have served time with them, there is no date to say when he got the kukris, he was a Sgt when he received it.
If anyone has any information about what my father did or any photographs I would be extremely grateful, or even if you are able to tell me where I can go to find out this information.  I remember my Dad mentioning Borneo and the Himalayas also.
So if any one remembers or knew my Dad I would love to hear or share those memories with them.   Bella MacKinnon


Catterick 1957 to 1959
I served a NCO  instructor at 3 Squadron, 1TR. Royal Signals, at Kemmel Lines, Catterick Garrison between 1957 and 1959.
I would like to try to contact or hear from anyone who either remembers me or who was there during that period.
 Many thanks in anticipation.
 Brian Wells


Finding Old Friends

I served with HQ Malaya in 1954 and I am trying to trace two others who served with me.
 Firstly was John Patrick Fanning who was in the RASC and who I last heard that on leaving the Army, had an Estate Agents In Cricklewood, which is now London NW2.
 Second was George Higginson who came from Wigston in Leicestershire. I cant remember his regiment
 I would be grateful for any information and also would love to hear from anybody who remembers me
Ernie Wilderspin
Ex 22899864 Cpl
Queeens Royal Regiment.


RAF Detachment Brunei 1965-66

I would like to hear from anyone from the RAF Detachment Brunei 1965-66. But I don't know how to go about it.
 Charlie Shearer was one, but I lost contact two years ago, he was in the USA at the time.
I am of course a member of the NMBVA.
Norman Brown (RAF 1964-69)
Hoogveldlaan 27
6135 JD Sittard


55 coy AD
Does anyone remember WARREN FOOT nick name WEASEL, he was in 55 coy in Malaya from about 1957 to 1959, he was good mates with me, John Clark and Jim Cotter, we would like to make contact with him, Jim Cotter did see Warren outside his house in Wales, about 20 years ago now, as he asked Jim for directions to the hospital, where he was visiting a friend, Jim said to Warren I know you, but Warren said, no you couldn't know me I come from London, it wasn't until sometime later Jim remembered who he was, have looked for Warren Foot on 192 and BT phone book but no luck so far.
Thanks From
John Clark

Yesterday I reached the age of 65 and became nostalgic. I was a member of the RAF Detachment to Brunei in 1965 to 1966, and would be interested to know of any other surviving members.
 I married a Bruneian, and I have been back to Brunei many times since 1966. If anyone would like further information they can get in touch.
 My e-mail address:
 Home address:
Hoogveldlaan 27
6135 JD Sittard
 Thanks all,
Norman Brown (ex-SAC RAF)


I'm trying to find anyone who might have known Lt C.C.D. (Kit) Williams.   National Service in Malaysia during the emergency, jungle patrols, probably 1956-1959.
Tony Cooper


My father DEREK COSGROVE served in Malaya with the RAF, around 1954 or so. I am interested in seeing if anyone knew him. He later went to Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe) and met my mother. He passed away at age 38 in a car accident ( 3 January 1973) As I was only a baby, it would be great to contact anyone who has photo's of him or info.
 Sharon ( New Zealand)


Wonder if anyone knows my dad.
 22927605 Maurice Crouch, served with 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment in Malaya, 1953 - 1955

Dean Crouch


Wonder if you can help me and my father. MY father served in 16 field ambulance in Malaya 1953 / 54. His name is David Williams from Warminster Wiltshire and his Army number was T22740270. He was a driver on a ambulance.
We wish to know of anyone that served with my father. He is now 76 years of age and is willing to drive to meet some old friends. He has several photos of him and mates stood by the ambulance, reg number 21RA33.  Can you help
Thanks Steve Williams (Son)


I would like to hear from anyone who severed  with 94(F) Sqdn. RAF MALAYA IN 1960- 62  or RAF(E) at RAAF Butterworth at that time. My name is Mike Brisley I was an MTMech(D)
I spent the month of August 1962 at RAF Gan.


 I am trying to find out more of the activities of my father whilst he was in Malaya including Sitrep Reports.    The information I have is as follows:-
Police Lt. Harry (Mac) Watson born in Leith, Edinburgh on 30th May 1917, died 1st May 1998.
Served with the Federation of Malayan Police Force from 28th June 1951 to 23rd Sept 1957.   His Police No. was 945.
Areas served in   -  Kajang (Sungei Lallang) - officer in charge of division July 1951 to April 1954 
                             Kampar - Area security group commander 1956 - May 157
Awarded Federation Malayan Police Commendation medal for "White Area" Sungizi Lallang
Wife - Betty - joined him in 1953 and Son - Michael joined him in 1954.
So far I have contacted, without success, the Police Museum in K.L. and I am at the present moment a member of the Malayan Police Officers Association through my father and until now have only made contact with one officer who knew my father but he died before we could meet.   I find that at the present moment knowing that there were a large number of Police Officers in Malaya during the Emergency at least one or two if not more even of the O.C.P.D. sectors who did not know or meet him. He had to have reported, as I know he did to K.L. Police Station on a weekly or monthly basis and the O.C.P.D. there would have had to have met him at least once inclusive of the intelligence officers.   My father was a very successful Police Officer in the job that he did with his team of S.C.s (special constables).   They even made a film of which I have photographs of him and his men called the Spidermen by Picture Post.   Unfortunately I do not have this film.   This was made whilst he was in Kajang.
 I  hope that the information I have given will be sufficient for your readers and supply information that may help me to write my book that I am writing.
 Thank you
 Mike Watson


570 map reproduction troop R E
Looking for anyone serving from 1954/1955 Gilman Barracks Singapore
              Geoff Brown Nottingham Member


 I am looking for Bob Palmer, Frank Mackenzie, who served in 97 Bty in Borneo/Malaya,1965 and Mick Bamford from 42 marine commando.  Syd  Law 


Request for information about a great-uncle of mine. His details are:
 Name:                       Peter Chick
Birth Date:               11 Sep 1929
Death:                      14 Sep 1949
Place of death:        British Military Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya
Place of burial:        Grave no: 952 Cheras Road Cemetery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya
Overseas Service:   Far East Land Force 22 Apr 1948 to 14 Sept 1949
 Peter was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery. His number - 21060436. Was posted to 15th Primary training centre on 20 Nov 1947. Transferred to Royal Artillery and posted to 121 training centre 3 Jan 1948. Posted to Depot 11 Mar 1948. Posted to 26th Field Regiment 28 May 1948. Died at British Military Kinrara.
 It would be nice to find anyone who knew him or was in the same regiment as him.
 Thank you for any help that you can give me.
 Paul Russell





My father was in Malaya 1956 ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS  his name is Owen Hugh Simon  I  would like to find out more about his time there thanks David



Royal Signals. Pass Out Parade Photograph 1965  

For a very long time I have been trying to obtain a copy of my Pass-Out parade photograph. Can anyone please help? I joined the Royal Signals around Nov. 1964 and passed out with 7 Troop, 1 Squadron, 11th Signal Regiment at Helles Barracks, Catterick around February 1965. Do you have a photograph that "Could Be" the one that I search for which you could send to me? Best regards to all. Derek (Chippy) Wood.


I was in 27 Coy RASC from 1958 to 1961. I was at KL until 6o/61 When moved to Ipoh to run the Majestic Hotel for Army Families whilst Regiments changed quarters.
I would love to hear from anyone there at the time. Lt Cosgrove and  Sgt Fred Jennings were two that I remember best, both of B platoon 27 Coy.We were the platoon that went to North Borneo helping the Gurkhas Best wishes Sgt Bill Flint.


Trying to trace Bill McGee who was the squadron clerk with 15 Field Squadron RAF Regiment, Telok Paku, RAF Changi 1962 - 1964
Ian McMekan (surname at time of service Whyard) contact email          
 Thank you

              HELLO AND "GREETINGS FROM SINGAPORE!!!"               
I served with the BRITISH ARMY DEPOT POLICE - FARELF (FAR EAST LAND FORCES) from 26th August 1969 to 30th September 1971.
The HEADQUARTERS was on a slope in front of the BASE ORDNANCE DEPOT (ARMY STORES). Just below our HQ was the RAOC PRINTING PRESS.
My OFFICER COMMANDING at the time was MAJOR T.J.LEE, RMP and the ADJUTANT was CAPTAIN RICHARD BURTON, RMP. From some records, I came to know that the OFFICER COMMANDING before MAJOR T.J.LEE was MAJOR TOM JUKES, (1960 - 1963).
I am trying to get in touch with any OFFICERS who have served in this Unit, or anybody who know the history of the ARMY DEPOT POLICE.  I believe that this Auxilary Police Unit was in existence from 1953 to 1971.
The other 2 Auxiliary Police Units was 1) THE NAVAL POLICE FORCE (ADMIRALTY POLICE) and the 2) RAF POLICE AUXILIARIES.
Please feel free to email me at :  if you know anything or have any photos pertaining
to this unit.
Thanks and regards.    
EX Police Constable : 25263



I would love to trace old friends from RASC 55 company (yellow Tops), who served at RAF Seltar, Singapore, between 1962 -1965. Especially Lesley Keys and Johnny Alan Elaine


I really have not got much information I'm trying to locate people who may have know my father who served in Malaya around 1944-1950.  I know he served under a number of regiments Staffs and Worcester. He was also attached to the attached to Gurkha's and served in Penang.   He is now in his 80's came from Wolverhampton 1 sister and 1 brother married Dorothy (Dot) who was a pen pal and had 2 daughters (at the time 1).

He will be celebrating his 60th Wedding anniversary next month and wanted to give him something special.  I will try and find out more if you could let me know what you require I will try to get the information

Kind regards

 Dawn Sanders


My name is Jim Findlay I served with the Cameronians in Malayia in 1950/51
I am trying to trace Gurkha soldier Abdulah Bin Sanwar?? 


Hi - My name is Tony Hall ("Brum"), & I served with B Coy. 40 Cdo. Burma Camp & did 2 trips to Borneo - 1 at Pang Amo, & 1 at Lubock Antu (?). Anyone out there, remember me? Would love to get in touch! 


Paul Bayliss is looking for Roy Arnold. Ex 16th Light Air Defence Reg LAD REME in Singapore & Kuching. Then 19 signal Reg LAD REME Changi. May 1965 - Dec 1968


 Ex RAF Seletar & Borneo confrontation, and trying to contact Tony Jacobs,  Mal Foster & Jimmy James. If you know them please let me know.

Brian Pugh


Could you please post a note asking for anyone who knew my Father to get in touch. He is currently retired and living in Ireland and would love to get in touch with anyone who knew him.
His details are;
Frank 'Paddy' Reilly .Lance Corporal
22828997 R.a.o.c.
He served in the M.T. section of
221 Vehicle battalion from
Majeedi barracks in
Johore Bahru
between June 1953-1955.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know that you must be extremely busy with requests.
Frank Reilly (junior).    


I am looking for Jimmy  Tinlin known as tk who served in the signals platoon of the Queens Own Highlanders in Singapore Brunei & Borneo, can anybody Help


Hi could U post a message asking anybody that remembers me dad from the green Howards in Malaya 1950s. His names john McGrath from Leeds he was also in the football team over there. Stationed at Minden and Singapore. Thanks


My name is Dave Johns (ex Cpl. REME) I was with 31 coy Gurkha transport regt. in Nee Soon in 1965 and in Labuan, Borneo. I was later posted to22 lt air defence regt, R A workshops REME in 1966 in Tampin Malaya. I would love to hear from anyone who was in any of these places who knew me, we later all came back to Wales in 1967 (Tonfanau camp). Thank you in anticipation. contact me on  


12th Lancers 1950 -52
I'm Ray Binks, I  Started my national service at Barford Camp, Co. Durham in November 1950 then went to Taiping, Malaya in August 1951 - I was a member of 4 Troop, C. Squadron
Lt. Andrews was the officer in charge of our troop. whereas I rose to the rank of trooper.  It would be nice to hear from someone who was there at those times . 

Ted Trott is looking for anybody who served with 237 Signal Squadron Singapore.  REME  Royal Signals and WRAC  1959 - 1963.  We are holding our seventh reunion this year in September, the more the merrier



Brummie Simpkin....Hi  I wonder if there are any ex  RASC lads out there who were attached to 16 Commonwealth Field Ambulance 1962-1965 first in Paroi Camp Seremban then in Terendak Camp Malacca I was known as Brummie Simpkin.Posted to Borneo whilst over there and lived in one of the wooden houses on stilts opposite the Labuan Cottage Hospital.Back in Terendak I was the CO s driver if that helps anyone to remember me. 
Brian Simpkin



I am trying to get in touch with my mate who I served with in no 3 Guard dog unit or any one who may remember me his name is Dennis Anchor's he came from Gorton m/c his girl friend's name was Anita Morris if he is still out there I would like him to get in touch to talk about old times in Singapore. my e mail address is  .here's hoping the year was 1953 to 56  thanks. j Ogden


I am looking for anyone who might have known James Dobson  (sapper) Royal Engineers. He served in Singapore and Penang between 1957 - 1959 (based at minden garison). James Dobson was from Hull UK.

 If anyone has any information please email me at  Or





Raymond "Bunny" Austin

HI I'm trying to Trace an old mate of mine an ex SAS trooper and a member of 20 Regt RA In Malaya, Brunei and Borneo (1963). Bunny left the Regiment around 1964 to join 29 Commando R A. Bunny would be in his 70's now if he hasn't fallen off his perch. Whatever his fate I'd like more than anything to hear news of him.
He knew me as Tony "Spike" Milligan.  


I am interested to trace those who had served in Miri, Sarawak during the conflict in 1965-66. Thank you.

Dara Bacon 



Seeking any who knew me, posted RAF Seletar July 1961, spent 6 months Minden barracks in Penang in 1962. was member of signals corps from Australia, worked ck2 in Singapore, Batu Uban in Penang. was involved in cub movement those times. still trying to find Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin from RAF Seletar, so far no luck. Len Eaton       


I am searching for Tony Buckland form Australia who served with my uncle Brian Eatough  Royal Marines, 42 Commando, who died in Action Saturday, 23 Dec 1950
We have been in touch before however his email server is returning my mail. Please get in touch.
Regards, Bryan  


My friend, Maureen Tatton was based at BMH Kinrarah in the early - mid sixties she was a student nurse.  She married  Jimmy Raleigh who was an orderly in Theatres.  She would love to hear from anyone who new her or her husband then.  Maureen doesn't have a computer but I would be happy to pass on any messages to her.   Thank you  Sylvia Thompson 


I would like to find  ex-WRAC Provost  Chris Wright that  joined up with me at Queen Elizabeth Bks Guildford in 1964.  , we trained at Rousillon Bks Chichester and served together in Rheidhahlen and Aden. I believe Chris came from Manchester   Many thanks  Charmaine Burgess nee Rankin

I wonder if you can help,  I am trying to locate a family member who served in B company, 1st Battalion 22nd Cheshire Regt.  His name is James Noel Ellis. He served in Singapore around 1959 and was a Private.  
 Thank you for your help
 Keith Birch 


 I am trying to trace John Lewis Woodward Platoon 6 (B Coy)1st Foresters BFPO17—1966
 Private 24017864
 Any one who knew him / knows him/ if he is alive ago deceased please let me know…



My name is Dave Templeman, and I was a member of 155 Squadron in KL and also in Kluang Jahore between June 1955 and December 1957.  I would be pleased to hear from any other member of the Squadron, or anyone who remembers me from that time.  


I was at RAF Luqa from 53 to56 with the dental branch working in S S Q is there anyone still out there who may remember .I am in contact with Rex Williams and now live in France at 74 years of age. 4125121 S A C Flello B , rose


I am sending this message on behalf of my father-in-law who's name is Joe King (SAC J King) he served in Changi with the RAF as a air frame fitter in 1955 - 1957 and just wondered if there is anybody out there that may remember him or happened to be there at that time.
 would be great to hear from anybody   


My mane is Richard Jones, I am trying to trace any one who served with my father Bill Jones in the 13/18 Hussars while he did his national service in Malaya between 1951 and 1952.  


Does any one remember me Peter Price, I served in the R.A.S.C. at No. 2 Supply Depot Taiping 11/1954-Jan.1956, I also was deployed to Ipoh, Penang, & The Cameron Highlands POL Depot, mid 55. 


My name is Rajamanickam. I used to know a girl by the name of Ms Kantharuby who lived in the Wellesly School Quarters in Northam Road in Penang in the 50's. Anyone knowing her whereabouts is requested to e-mail me. Your effort will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


I would be grateful if their is anyone out there who remembers serving with my Father, Captain Ian Monteith, who was, as far as I am aware, in the R.A.M.C. attached to the 6th Battalion, The Malay Regiment. I don't have any more information than that apart from the fact that he was in Malaya from 1955 to 1957. Unfortunately, Dad died in 1985 and I have none of his effects .
My name is Angus Monteith . If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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