I often get request for help with certain subjects that I cannot answer, which I am sure that someone out there has the answer to, or knows someone that does.  So this page will be used for that purpose with the hope that you may be able to pass on your knowledge and assist with the information required.

Royal Signals. Pass Out Parade Photograph 1965

For a very long time I have been trying to obtain a copy of my Pass-Out parade photograph. Can anyone please help? I joined the Royal Signals around Nov. 1964 and passed out with 7 Troop, 1 Squadron, 11th Signal Regiment at Helles Barracks, Catterick around February 1965. Do you have a photograph that "Could Be" the one that I search for which you could send to me? Best regards to all. Derek Wood. 

Thank You and Kind Regards

Derek Wood


Can anyone help me, i was malaya and borneo in the early 1960s, l am going to visit 

for the first time since i left the army in jan 1964. I was in 20th regt ra stationed in Tampin i was in the medical centre and would like to get in touch with one of the 2 Malayan army ambulance drivers who were attached to us, i remember one was called  Mohamed bin Talip ( not sure about the spelling ). Can't remember the name pf the 2cd driver. Would appreciate any help

Josh ( Noddy) Cummings 

Hi I am Donna McGanley and I'm looking for any information on my Grandad Francis Matthew McGanley/McGinley born 1920 in Ireland not northern.  He may have a brother Patrick. He enlisted into the English army in Northern Ireland date unsure of but he was only 14 so would have been 1934. He was in malaya with the royal engineers around 1948 to 1950

We think he left the army around 1955 and lived in Gilmorton Leicestershire until he left no other trace of him from then on. Can anyone help me?


Do you have any information or know where I could find information on Geoff Bradley of the Green Howards regiment. I am aware that he did serve in the 1939 Ė 45 conflict. Any information u could forward to me would be gratefully received.

Yours sincerely
Aiden Bradley.

Iím trying to track down anyone who knew my father, was served with REME in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1950s. His name was Sgt Albert Edward Hollands but he was known as Eddie and my mother (Phyllis) and I joined him in 1952 and stayed till 1954 when we came home to the UK. Sadly, he died in the mid-1970s but I am trying to trace any friends or relatives of his. Unfortunately, he didnít talk a lot about his past so I havenít got very much to go on other than he was a proud Scot (born in Edinburgh 1915) and was a POW during WW2.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Sally Neilson (nee Hollands)

Dear Sir, I have been asked by Supt. Azil Mohd Noor, who lives in Sabah, to try and trace a Col Dobree, or Dobrey, he wasn't sure of the spelling. This gentleman was in Borneo helping the local native population make things as tough for the Japanesse as possible Supt noors fathers name was Lt Mohd Noor Bin Abdul Rani. He thinks that Col Dobree is or was a dairy farmer in Hollcombe, and he traveled to Sabah a year or so ago to try and trace his old comrades but Supt Noor, was not in Sabah when he visited and didn't find out about the visit until sometime later hence he as asked me to try and trace this gentleman.  If you could post this on your web page or if you could give me any pointers as to how i may proceed with my search i would be
grateful. to contact me email many thanks Jayne.

I am trying to find my Uncle - Norman King - or his family.

 My father, Harold Charles King died many years ago and was estranged from his brother Norman.  I have the opportunity to travel to England next year and would like to contact any immediate descendants.  In order to trace him I need a birth date and some history.

 My father was born in Benoni in South Africa on 17.5.1914.  I suspect that Norman may have been born in England and he is younger than dad. 

Their father was Percy King who had changed his name from Rowbottom.  Norman's mother is Ethel Mary and I believe her maiden name may have been Brinkley.  My father served in the British Police in Palestine and we believe that Norman received a Field Commission as a Brigadier in Malaysia.

 Can you assist?


Jim King

This is the son of Bill cooper. I'm trying to contact anyone
 who served with my father (Sherwood Foresters). I know he
 served in Malaya Singapore and was stationed at Colchester
 nick for a time with his cousin Mick Reeves.
 Please contact me on the email above with any information.
 Many thanks


I'm very interested in finding out about the following soldier who died of his wound 23 July 1916 aged 26,his name is Sergeant Thomas Henry Britton MM 8996 of the 1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment, He's the son of the late William John and Emma Jane Britton 9 Granby St, Plymouth. Can you give me any history about him or where he died or where can I go to find out info about him???

Yours Faithfully

Derek Crowe

Hi All.
 I have been trying to find an ex pal of mine who served in the DLI and was my best man at my wedding. The last time that i saw Dave Toward was when we disbanded in Colchester. He was  a bugler and a good one at that. He married a local girl from Colchester called Marion and they had a son called Robbie. Marion used to work in the Robin Hood before she was married to Dave. I heard that they are now divorced and would like to get in touch with Dave. Can anyone please help me.
                      Dick Softley.

My grandfather Hugh (ginger) Duffy served in Malaya, 4th Hussars 2 troop in 1948 he would love to hear any news of his ex. army pals Ronnie (pinhead) Pointon and Paddy Harkins... recently while looking through a website guest book, I came across a 4 year old message from Ronnie's daughter-in-law who was searching for my grandfather.  Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in contacting the Pointon family. Any info. would be appreciated many thanks.

I am trying to locate any information on my father Pte V R Creasey who served in the 1st Bat. Royal West Kents in Malaya between 1950 - 1952. 

Thank you James Creasey.

I have been trying to find (with not much luck) guys who were in Malaya with my uncle, Vic Visagie. He was killed in action when my Mom was only 13 so she does not remember much about him. I hope someone can help. I have already tried posting on the C Sqdn website.

Gwen Raikes 

I am very interested in contacting members of the Royal Signals who served in Malaya 48 - 60.  I am a serving Royal Corps of Signals Officer who is hopefully organising a battlefield tour to Malaysia in May 2005.  I intend to look into the the role of the Signals in Malaya, visit sites of particular interest to the Corps and pay respects at the graves of Royal Signals Soldiers.
It would add to the experience for those Royal Signals soldiers going if some of my research came first hand from experts.  I am particularly interested in meeting anybody who served with Signals during this time.  I am more than willing to travel.
Capt Richard Byfield, HQ 11 Sig Bde

If you can help Richard please email me and I will pass on Richard's contact details. webmaster

 I am looking for my husbands Father.  His name is Ralph Eric Swallow, he was a private in the Royal Army Service Corps (Motor Lorry Driver) (his number was 221289). 
My Partner is Eric George Swallow born 22.10.38 in London but was registered in Maldon Essex as 22.10.41.  I am trying to trace his father for him.  So would be interested in any information.
 Sue Swallow

Would very much like to contact anyone who served in any of these theatres, particularly,  Malaya. Rimmicombe Wood Lubeck,  anyone of the 4th Hussars from that period.
 Bob Downes

I am trying to trace Major Collier he was in a photo with my father Private Fred Cross after there release from Moto--ama mining camp not far from Hiroshima.  He served in the 2nd battalion the Loyal Regiment or anyone else who was taken prisoner at that time.
From his daughter  Marilyn

I am trying to find any information about my father G. E. Lang. gnr R.G.A. No35484 who was in the great war, he died when I was very young and I do not know mutch about him.
The other medal I have is the Royal Army Service Corps whether that has anything to do with the other medal I do not know, any help would be greatly appreciated on where to go from here.

Regards Brent Lang

I served with the then Royal Horse Guards,( now Blues and Royals) in the sixties and was attached to various groups such as the Life Guards, Gurkas,  Arygll and Southern Highlanders, & (The 42nd Foot and Mouth Brigade, nickname for a peculiar set of weird and sometime covert operatives!) The less said about them the better.
I am looking for L/Cpl Paul Cusick of the Life Guards, Reg't number I think was 24021416 who was in Borneo in 1966 and Tpr. John Harding of the Blues who served in Cyprus and I think in FARELF in the sixties.

Bill Youngson

website  www.yinscollegesworldwide.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this specialist Mortar Locating Troop formed in 1963 and serving in Malaysia and Borneo 1964/65.

Ken Anderson

Hi I am trying to trace any ex servicemen from the Royal Hampshire Regiment that served with my dad in Malaya. it's his 70th birthday soon and it would be lovely to give him some contacts to catch up with.His name is Frank George Barrow, service no 22667735 he enlisted at Winchester in June 1952. looking at old photos he seems to have been at FARELF, TRAINING CENTRE, KOTA TINGGI AND HE WAS ON BOARD SS DUNERA DEC - JAN 53/54.HE HAS PHOTOS FROM  BENTONG 1954, WITH MATES NAMED TICH SPIDER, JORDY BIG ED, ERNIE.I THINK HE WAS IN MALAYA 1953- 1955. I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP AS HE OFTEN TALKS OF HIS TIME THERE. PLEASE EMAIL WITH ANY INFO

Did you serve with the platoon (of volunteers) we formed in \'63 to support the Royal Leicester\'s in Borneo ?

I am trying to get our unit recognised in the list of units in the Confrontation on the \'The war against Sukarno\' web page, and will need more details. Afraid my memory for detail is fading as the years go by.



I am writing a novel and in one string of the plot I am aiming to place a character doing his national service in Malaya during the later 1940's. I would be obliged if you could advise me as to which regiments placed their national servicemen in Malaya during that period.
William Buck

I wonder if anyone has any memories of HQ Malaya out on the Gurney Rd from KL?? Am writing a few notes and would be glad on any snippetts of information? The was a RSM Burden at Inkerman in 1952?



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