(E)  Malayan Emergency,

          (G)  General Aspects Coverage,

          (H)  Historical,

          (I)  Indonesian Confrontation, and

          (W)  World War Two.

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     (1) Not a conclusive list (at least a dozen or more titles written between 1920-30s) but excluding direct reference to articles, monographs and or general Unit History overviews, good amount of,

      (2) Listings as seen are kindred or historically related to the 1948-60 Malayan Emergency situation and towards the post cum the 1962-66 Indonesian Confrontation periods and even thereafter,

      (3) Due to publishing dates, bulk of listing is available through library order only, but many ARE still there today!

     (4) Any additional missed titles/data (particularly fictitious workings about) most welcome ...

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