Nagei Jothi Overseas RAMC
Nash MBE Osti Noel Northern Ireland 8 Casualty Clearance Station RAMC
Neal George Colchester & District Rifle Brigade
Needham Kenneth Surrey RAMC BMH Kluang
Needles Derek Leicester & District Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
Neil Paul Nottingham 45 Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
Neil David Tyneside 4th Queens Own Hussars
Nelson Keith Postal North Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Netzler Gustav Durham 1st Royal Green Jackets
Newell Alan North Kent & SE London 45 Regiment Royal Artillery
Newman Robert Postal North 26 Regiment Royal Artillery
Newnes Douglas Leicester & District Scots guards
Newsome Philp Surrey Malayan Command Signal Squadron
Newton Harry Doncaster & South Yorkshire 1st Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Newton Albert Postal South 2 Parachute regiment
Newton BEM Ian Grantham & District 20 Squadron
Nichol Alan Northern Ireland Queens Royal Irish Hussars
Nichols Alan North Kent & SE London 21st Maintenance
Nichols Richard Postal North Royal Tank Regiment
Nicholson Alan Overseas 42 Comando 3Commando Brigade
Nicholson Joe Plymouth & District HMS Terror
Nicholson Graham Postal North 110 Squadron
Nicholson Geoffrey Postal North 1st East Yorkshire Regiment
Nisbett Valerie Tyneside Associate Member
Norden Colin 1st Lincolnshire 209/234 Squadron
Norley Brian Solent RAF Seletar
Northeast Michael Solent Institute of Naval Medicine
Norton John Colchester & District Durham Light Infantry
Norton John Durham 1st Royal West Kents
Nottingham Graham Postal South 1st Cheshire Regiment
Nutbrown Donald Surrey 110 Squadron RAF Seletar
Nuttall Anthony Grantham & District HMS Concord/HMS Crane
Nuttall Norman Postal South 84 Field Survey, Royal Engineers
O 'Neil Michael Surrey HMS Hampshire
Oakey Derek Pontypridd & District R E M E
O'Brian John Colchester & District Royal Engineer
O'Brien John 1st Lincolnshire Comcen JATCC Payer Lebor
Oddy Raymond Colchester & District 2 Division rasc
Ogden Alan Postal North Malayan Police Kluang
Oliver Valerie Colchester & District Asociate Member
Oliver Derek Colchester & District RASC
O'Neill Alice Leicester & District  
Orchard Colin Postal South HMS Brighton/Terror
O'Reilly Margaret North Wales Associate Member
Osborne Patricia Bridgend & District Associate Member
Osborne Peter Plymouth & District R A O C
Osborne John Postal South 40 Commando
Osborne (Rev) Edwrad Bridgend & District Royal Army Medical Corps
O'Shea Robert Colchester & District 26 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Ovenstone David Postal North Royal Army Service Corps
Owen Joseph Postal North 267 Squadron
Owens John Postal North Royal Scots Fusiliers
Owens Andrew Tyneside 4th Regiment, Royal Artillery
Oyston Cresswell Durham Royal Army Pay Corps
Page Brian Postal South 74 Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers
Pain Alfred North Kent & SE London 2/7 Gurkha Rifles
Paley Anthony Postal North RAF Police Dogs
Palframan Gordon North Kent & SE London HMS Lincoln
Palmer Leslie Southern Area RE/Royal Corps of Transport
Parfitt Lemewell North Kent & SE London GHQ FARELF
Parker Phillip Colchester & District Royal Marines
Parker Kenneth North Kent & SE London QORWK Regt
Parker Kenneth Southern Area Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Parker Robert Swindon & District 5 Brigade PQO unit RMP
Parkin Michael Doncaster & South Yorkshire JCC Labuan
Parle Raymond North Wales Royal Army Medical Corps
Parrott Keith Doncaster & South Yorkshire Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Parsler Leslie Postal North GES RAFSeletar
Parsons David Grantham & District RAF Seletar RAF Regiment
Parsons Graham Solent RNH Haslar U K
Partridge William Mid ulster 6th Light Regiment Royal Artillery
Passant John Postal South Guards Para Company
Paterson George Postal North 12th Royal Lancers
Paterson George Postal South 110 Squadron
Pattison Geoffrey Nottingham Rouyal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Payne James 1st Lincolnshire 40 Commando
Payne Alfred North Kent & SE London Army
Payne Robert Postal South 410 Independent Troop, Royal Engineers
Peacock David Postal North Royal Navy
Pearce Michael Pontypridd & District South Wales Borderers
Pearce Sheila Postal North 200 Provost Coy WRAC
Pearman Dennis Colchester & District 28 Com Ind Inf Brigade
Pears Tony Thames Valley Royal Artillery
Pearson Victor Postal South Royal Corps of Transport
Peart Janet Colchester & District Associate Member
Peart Trevor Colchester & District Durham Light Infantry
Pell Christopher Colchester & District 1Bn The Loyal Regiment
Pemberton George Durham Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Pemberton Joan Nottingham Associate Member
Pemberton Edmond Nottingham 249 Squadron, Royal Signals
Pemberton OBE Terence Surrey HQPMCArmy
Penkethman Brian Postal North 55 ADR, Royal Army Service Corps
Penn John Colchester & District RAF
Pepper David Postal South BMH Taiping, Royal Army Medical Corps
Perry (Rev) Roger Colchester & District RAF Kuchimg
Pett Kenneth Southern Area 1811 Anti Tank, Royal Artillery
Petter Christopher Southern Area Royal Hampshire Regiment
Phelps Derrick Postal South 11th Hussars PAO
Philbey Alan Grantham & District Royal Air Force
Phillips Emlyn North Wales Royal Welch Fosiliers
Phillips Kenneth Southern Area 4th Queens Own Hussars
Phillips George Surrey HMS Ajax
Phillips John Surrey Royal Marines
Picken James Doncaster & South Yorkshire 16th Field Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment
Pickles Alan Postal North Royal Army Vetenary Corps
Pierce Gwilym North Wales Royal Welch Fusiliers
Pike John Postal North 627 Squadron
Pincombe John Plymouth & District Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Pines William Thames Valley Queens Royal Regiment
Pipe Nigel Postal South 200 Provost Company, Royal Military Polive
Pipet Frederick Postal South Gloustershire Regiment
Platten Terry Colchester & District 4th Royal Tank Regiment
Pollard Derek Postal North 34 Beverley Squadron
Pope Fred Surrey RAF Seletar
Porter William Overseas HMS Concord/Hampshire/Decoy
Potter Brian Nottingham No 4 M U RAF Slatar
Potter David Postal South 3 GOD RAOC
Potter John Postal South 7 F O D ROAC
Powell David Postal South RAF Changi
Poyntz John Colchester & District RAF Transport
Preen Jan Thames Valley 42 Commando
Price Marjorie North Wales Associate Member
Price David Pontypridd & District No Units served
Price Rosalind Southern Area Associate Member
Price Sheridan Southern Area Royal Army Medical Corps
Price Agnes Surrey Associate member
Price Derek Surrey Fleet Air Arm
Price William Tyneside HMS Darlington
Price MBE Philip Mid Ulster HMS Lincoln/Hermes
Prince Alan Durham Royal Air Force
Prince John North Wales Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Pritchard Thomas Postal North 59 Engineer Squadron, Royal Engineers
Proud Clifford Southern Area 10 Port Squadron, Royal Engineers
Purdon CBE MC CPM Maj Gen Corran Colchester & District Royal Ulster Rifles
Purvis David North wales 22 AD Regiment, Royal Artillery