Photo's from Memorial Service held at Eden Camp on the 17th April 2004

Plaque on Memorial.JPG (141555 bytes) Plaque on Memorial
Doncaster1.jpg (70157 bytes)
Left to Right in front is George Worsnop Chairman  Doncaster
                                      Trevor Kershaw                  Doncaster 
                                      Gerald Ridge                     Doncaster 
Behind is                       John McAuley Secretary     Doncaster 
                                       Maurice Humphrey            Doncaster  "                                     Owen Lawrence                 Leicester  
                                       Alan Atkins                         Leicester  

A special thanks to Trevor and the Doncaster Branch for their work in organising the day.

Chairman Frank Rhodes  The Exhortation.JPG (127510 bytes) Chairman Frank Rhodes reciting The Exhortation
Chairman and branch members formed up.JPG (108683 bytes) Chairman and branch members formed up.
Another of members NMBVA.JPG (101616 bytes) Another of members NMBVA
Standards Marching of to Chapel.JPG (116233 bytes) Standards marching to the Chapel.
Branch Members following Stds.JPG (111836 bytes) Branch Members following Standards
Branch Stds after Service.JPG (97851 bytes) Branch Standards after Service
Standards & Parade Marshall to right Bomber G.JPG (134155 bytes) Standards & Parade Marshall to right Bomber G.
Stds around Memorial.JPG (130794 bytes) Standards around Memorial
Union Flag & Branch & BG 2.JPG (26083 bytes) Union Flag & Branch Standard with Bomber G.
Leic Br P Randall, John Cox, A Atkins,J Trott  2.JPG (23773 bytes) Leicester Branch -  P Randall, John Cox, A Atkins, J Trott
Branch,Union & RBL Stds.JPG (140518 bytes)

ec17.jpg (22552 bytes)


Branch, Union & R.B.L Standards

Stds outside Chapel.JPG (135130 bytes) Standards outside Chapel
NMBVA Plaque in Chapel.JPG (120179 bytes) NMBVA Plaque in Chapel
Inside Chapel.JPG (112288 bytes) Inside Chapel
Stds Laid up in Chapel.JPG (117105 bytes) Standards Laid up in Chapel
Wreath Laid by P Randall MBE GM.JPG (108237 bytes)  
The two people that laid wreaths at this part of the service were
The Chairman of the Doncaster Branch  Mr George Worsnop
Peter Randall MBE GM laid the wreath on for the NMBVA
Static Display Spitfire.JPG (96227 bytes) Static Display Spitfire
Static DisplaayHurricane.JPG (117503 bytes) Static Display Hurricane
Sherman.JPG (115559 bytes) Information on the Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank.JPG (95563 bytes) Sherman Tank