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Surname Forename Branch Unit served in
Caddick Brinley Pontypridd & District 42 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
Cadogan (Col) Henry North Wales Royal Welch Fusiliers
Caesar Michael Postal South Royal hampshire regiment
Caffrey John Postal South HMS Dartington
Caines Graham Colchester & District 10 Inf Workshops Kuching
Cairns John Postal North Royal Army Ordnace Corps
Callis Brian Leicester & District 3 Commando, Royal Marines
Calvert Thomas Colchester & District 1st Durham Light Infantrey
Camburn David Postal North Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Cameron Donald Postal North 1st Gordon Highlanders
Cameron Ronald Postal North RAF Changi
Cameron Thomas Postal North 1st Battalion Cameronian Scottish Rifles
Campbell Alexander Leicester & District 1st Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Campbell Elliott Tyneside Workshops, Reme, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Cane Anne Surrey  
Cane Michael Surrey  
Canham Michael Colchester & District 48 Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
Canvin Royston Grantham & District Royal Air Force
Capel Derek Postal South Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Card Keith Southern Area Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Carine Brian Postal South 815 Squadron
Carr William Pontypridd & District Royal Welch Fusiliers
Carrol John Postal North HMS Lincoln + HMS Chawton
Carter Michael North Kent & SE London 6th Regiment,  Royal Artillery
Carter David Postal South 42 Commando, Royal Marines
Carter Eddie Swindon & District 1st Bat. Royal Hampshire Regiment
Casey Michael North Kent & SE London RAF Fire Service
Cassidy Daniel Durham 1st Durham Light Infantry
Castle Derek Postal South RAF Seletar
Cattermole Richard Postal North 3 Commando, Royal Marines
Cattermole Peter Postal South Malaya Signals
Causer Noel Postal North 1st Durham Light Infantry
Chadburn Ronald Hull & East Yorkshire 2nd Light Regiment
Chadburn William Leicester & District 34 LAA Regiment, Royal Artillery
Chambers John Swindon & District 48 Squadron
Chambury Paul Postal South 900 ADC RADC
Chandler Elizabeth Solent Associate Member
Chandler David Solent 33 Squadron RAF Butterworth
Chandler Kenneth Surrey HMS Bulwark + HMS Triumph + HMS Centaur
Chapman R Plymouth & District Devonshire Regiment
Chapman Patrick Postal North 1st Kings Dragoon Gaurds
Chapman James Tyneside Royal Artillery
Chapman Joyce Tyneside Associate Member
Chase Peter Postal South Royal Signals
Chilton Graham Surrey Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Chittil Julie Solent Associate Member
Chittil William Solent 40 Commando, Royal Marines
Chittock George North Kent & SE London Queens Royal Regiment
Chong Patricia Grantham & District RAF Seletar
Chong Roger Grantham & District RAF Seletar
Christie Albert Postal North Gordon Highlanders
Church Geoffrey Postal North Royal Green Jackets
Clark Edward North Kent & SE London 1st Bat. Queens Own Royal Worcesters
Clark David Postal North 42 Commando, Royal Marines
Clark    (Major) Frank Postal South Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Clarke Robin Solent Royal Navy
Clater Ronald Nottingham 4th Royal Tank Regiment
Clements Barry 1st Lincolnshire Raf Tengah
Clements Donald Colchester & District Devonshire Regiment
Cliffe (MBE) Colin Postal South 40 Commando, Royal Marines
Clissold John Southern Area 1st Bat. Royal Green Jackets
Clutterbuck Colin Swindon & District Royal Army Service Corps
Coates Kenneth Durham 208 Squadron, Royal Signals
Cobb Peter Solent RAF Labuan
Cochrane Thomas Postal North RAF Tengah
Cockerill Michael Hull & East Yorkshire 12th Air Defence Regiment
Cockram Warwick Southern Area RASC/RAOC/RLC
Cockram John Southern Area 1st Queens Own Buffs
Cody Patrick Solent 3 Squadron, Royal Corps of Transport
Coffey John Surrey 20 Regimnt, Royal Artillery
Cole Reginald Postal South Royal Air Force
Coles BEM Anthony Solent HMS Ark Royal & Albion
Collins Ernest Colchester & District 170 Imjim Bty. 45 Regt. Royal Artillery
Collins Roger Postal South 29 Commando R A
Collins David Southern Area Royal Artillery
Collins Margaret Surrey Associate Member
Collins Raymond Surrey 42 Commando, Royal Marines
Collins Jon Tyneside 51 Field Squadron R E
Connolly James Postal North 40 Commando, Royal Marines
Constant Jesse Postal North 110 Squadron
Conway Joseph Colchester & District 45 Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
Cook Raymond Grantham & District B Squadron, 4th Royal Tank Regiment
Cook Alan Grantham & District Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
Cook Donald North Wales 22nd Cheshire Regiment
Cook Alan Postal North Royal Army Medical Corps
Cook John Postal North Royal Artillery
Cook Dennis Postal South Signals Command
Cook Paul Postal South Radio Servicing Flight, Kuala Lumpur
Cook James Thames Valley 536 Signal Troop, Royal Signals
Cooke David Postal North HMS Eagle
Cookram Warwick Southern Area RASC/RAOC/RLC
Cooper Cyril Postal North Malaya Signal Regiment
Cooper Gary Postal South 1st Bat. Royal Green Jackets
Coote David North Kent & S E London Guards Parachute Company
Corbett George Tyneside 11th Hussars PAO
Cosgrove Frederick Nottingham Sherwood Foresters
Cosham Richard North Kent & SE London 124 R & S Unit
Costello Peter Postal North Royal Army Service Corps
Costello Peter Tyneside 11th Hussars PAO
Costerd John 1st Lincolnshire Medical Trad Group
Cotton Raymond Colchester & District 225 Squadron
Cottrell Derrick Durham Royal Air Force
Couch Thomas Postal South RAF Police Dog Handler
Coulson David Grantham & District 1st Bat. Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
Cowan Arthur Colchester & District 19th Field Ambulance, RAMC
Cox John Leicester & District Royal Army Service Corps
Cox John Postal North Kings Royal Rifle Corps/Army Catering Corps
Cox Patrick Postal North R A S C
Cox Brenda Solent Associate Member
Cox Peter Solent 103 Squadron
Cozens Derrick Postal South 40 Commando
Crassweller Peter Postal South Royal Signals
Crawley Raymond Colchester & District Royal Army Medical Corps
Cree Donald Postal North Royal Air Force
Creed James Postal South 3 Commando Brigade, OFP RAOC
Cresswell Michael Postal North Royal Navy
Crisp Elizabeth Solent Associate Member
Crisp Anthony Solent 29th Escort Squadron, HMS Plymouth
Cross Katryn Postal North Associate Member
Cross Paul Postal North RFA Tidespring/Regent
Crossley John Leicester & District 1st Royal Dragoon Gaurds
Crowder Ramon Nottingham 26th Regiment, Royal Artillery
Crowe Daniel Postal South 42 Commando, Royal Marines
Crowley Timothy Plymouth & District  
Crump Roy Nottingham Sherwood Foresters
Cummings Michael Colchester & District HMS Brighton
Cummings Colin Postal North 110 Squadron
Cummings Albert Tyneside 55 Company, Royal Amy Service Corps
Cummins David Postal South Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Cumner John Surrey 60 Squadron
Cunningham William Solent 99 Ghurkha Brigade
Cunnion Robert North Wales 263 Signals Squadron (FARELF)
Cupit Michael Grantham & District HMS Hermes & Zest
Curd Derek Southern Area Royal West Kents
Curl Robert Surrey Royal Hampshire Regiment
Cuthill David Postal North Scots Guards
Dafters Barbara Bridgend & District Associate member
Dafters David Bridgend & District Royal Air Force
Daines Paul Colchester & District Suffolk Regiment
Dale John Postal South 848 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm
Dalton (Rev) Derek Postal North Honorary Branch Chaplian
Daly Robert Postal North Royal Signals
Danily Herbert Postal North 4 Royal Tank Regiment
Darke Andrew Colchester & District Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Davenport Terence Postal South HMS Tilford
David Joseph Leicester & District 656 Lt Ac Squadron AAC
Davies Colin Plymouth & District Royal Marines
Davies Meyrick Pontypridd & District 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers
Davies Derrick Pontypridd & District 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers
Davies Hugh Postal North Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Davies David Postal South Royal Army Education Corps
Davis George 1st Lincolnshire R E M E
Davis James Postal North Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Davis Aileen Postal North W R A C
Davis Brian Postal South 414 Signals Unit, Royal Air Force
Davis Terence Swindon & District 410 Independent Platoon, Royal Engineers
Davison Thomas Postal South HMS Terror
Davison Keith Southern Area Royal Air Force
Daws William Postal North HMS Hartland Point
De La Hoyde Timothy Grantham & District Royal Army Service Corps & RTC
Deacon Francis Postal North Royal Corps of Signals
Deadman Gerald Postal South 4th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
Dean Ian Postal North  
Dean Robert (BoB) Solent HMS Berwick
Deans Frank Tyneside Royal Artillery
Delmeny John Solent Malayan Police
Devine Trevor Postal North 45 Regiment, Royal Artillery
Dewsnap Albert Postal South Royal Army Service Corps
Dick Patricia Colchester & District Aasociate Member
Dick Russel Colchester & District BGRE Tanglin
Dickie William Postal North Army Catering Corps
Dillon James Postal North 22 SAS/Yorkshire Regiment
Ditchburn Gordon Colchester & District 16th Comwel Field Ambulance
Dixon Walter Colchester & District 10 Port Squadron, Royal Corps of Transport
Dixon Andrew Pontypridd & District  
Dixon James Postal North 2 Para Regiment
Dixon Roy Postal North 22nd Regiment, Royal Artillery
Dixon Cyril Postal North 48th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
Docherty William (Bill) Mid Ulster RCT(TAVR &UDRCGC
Dodd Raymond Colchester & District 1st Bat Queens Own Highlanders
Dodd Michael Grantham & District 1st Royal Lincolnshire Regiment
Dodds Robert Postal South 25 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
Doel Brenda Colchester & District Associate Member
Doel John Colchester & District 1st Bat. 3rd East Anglian Regiment
Doherty Daniel Bridgend & District Coastal Command
Doherty James Postal North 68 Mov. Unit (EMB) RAF
Donaldson George Postal North Signals Attached to S Company
Doohan Hugh Postal North Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
Douglas Ian 1st Lincolnshire 45 Squadron
Downie James Postal South 13/18 Royal Hussars
Drayton Reginald North Wales Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Drummond David Postal North 1st Bat. Scots Guards
Dryer Leonard Solent R A F Service in uk and baor 1947-1952
Dunn Robert Tyneside Royal Corp of Transport
Durrant Michael Postal North RAF Labuan